Istilah new hardware II

8 10 2011

Code 11 : “Windows stopped responding while attempting to start this device and therefore will never attempt to start this device again”. Coba jalankan Automatic skip driver agent dari System Information. [Start] > [Program] > [Accessories] > [System Tools] > [Automatic skip driver agent].

Code 12 : “This device cannot find any free (tipe resources) resources to use”. Cobalah bebaskan resource seperti IRQ, DMA, I/O agar dapat digunakan oleh device tersebut.

Code 13 : “This device is either not present, not working properly, or does not have all the drivers installed”. Buang device dari Device Manager lalu jalankan Add New Hardware.

Istilah new hardware I





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8 10 2011
Istilah new hardware I « bloogforyou

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